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Modern Chamber Music Ensemble

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Voices of Change, Modern Chamber Music Ensemble

Change, evolution, originality -- all are hallmarks of a world that continues to develop and grow. In music, exploration and experimentation are as important as anywhere else.

Composers of our time help us to hear the classics in new ways. Newly-composed music induces imagination, stimulating our thoughts and ideas afresh. (Browse the list of composers whose works have been performed by Voices of Change.)

Voices of Change is one of the pioneer professional chamber music ensembles in America dedicated to the performance of music of our time. Now entering its 34th season, Voices of Change has performed for enthusiastic audiences of all ages ranging from Dallas area schools to the greatest international halls.

Voices of Change’s repertoire reflects the diverse styles of the music of the 20th and 21st centuries, including demonstrations of innovative techniques for various instruments that produce unusual sounds, such as playing inside the piano and multi-phonics in wind instruments. Voices’ programming also includes multi-media works that employ visual components, such as slides of paintings with electronic sound accompaniment.

Throughout its 33-year history, Voices of Change has consistently earned national and international recognition and awards both for the high calibre of its performances and for its adventuresome programming. In 1999 the ensemble’s recording, Voces Americanas, was nominated for the prestigious Grammy award. Dallasites have the opportunity to hear traditional chamber music in several venues around the Metroplex area. Voices of Change is the only chamber organization in North Texas devoted to tomorrow’s tradition.

Voices of Change has a proud history of welcoming living composers to work with its musicians and interact with its audiences toward making contemporary music accessible, understandable, and fun. Personal collaboration among composer, performers, and listeners makes for better performances. It gives audiences the unique opportunity to learn more, first hand, about the process of composing.

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